Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Handmade Christmas cards

 Every year I have the goal to hand make my Christmas cards, but for the past couple of years I have had to break down and buy cards to send out.....because I just run out of time!  But this year I actually made all my Christmas cards!  I found the design inspiration from Pinterest, and went through my stash and found I had everything need to make these! I had some felt snowflakes, and snowflake punches in the right sizes, and these were surprisingly quick and easy to make!
 I alternated using the felt and the punched from paper XL snowflake  as the bottom layer....simply so I would have enough!
I also have been working on some gifts for my co workers....I will post them in a few days, once I have given them!
Thanks for stopping by....I know that this is a super busy time of year!
If You would like a Christmas card from me....leave a comment and E-mail your address to me and I will send one to the first 3 that I hear from!!!!  my e-mail :   llelsik@aol.com
Lisa Phillippi