Monday, September 27, 2010


I have wanted to send a box of handmade "thank you" cards to my sister, so she could give them to her customers and hostesses. She recently started selling Mary Kay cosmetics and has been working really hard at her business. When I saw this blog post by Hillary Kanwischer I was soooo inspired !!! I love this I had to make a few!

You really must check out Hillary's blog..she makes the cutest things!

I also want to thank each of you who drop by and visit my blog....I so appreciate your comments!!

I am getting to bed early tonight...because I am headed to Round Top & Warrenton, Tx for the big antiques show tomorrow...I am so super would think I was going to Disneyland! My camera is charging and I will try to take some good pictures to show ya the goodies I find!

Baking Buttons

I have a crazy obsession with buttons..I should seek therapy I know!! Ok...I was working on a swap I signed up for and had to make 20 pieces, I decided to use a button on each piece...and didn't want to part with 20 of my precious buttons. My solution was to make replicas. I made a mold of a button I had using Suze Weinberg's Mold-N-Pour then I used polymer clay in the mold to make the buttons . For my first attempt they turned out pretty good, although the picture isn't great...they are on the cookie sheet just out of the oven. This is my kind of baking!
Below is how I used the buttons for the center of the flower on my completed swap pieces. I finished all 20 of these last night...a whole week before the deadline!

Thanks for stopping by....I would love to hear your comments!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Whew! I'm so glad it's over...but it was a lot of fun! Teaching the classes at CKC in San Marcos was the biggest project I have yet to take on. It required a lot of planning and tons of prep work preparing the class kits. I had a lot of help from my friends and sponsors at Cookbookin'-whom I thank from the bottom of my heart! I am happy to say that the classes were a success and I received do many kind comments from those who took the class. So now that it's over... I have spent the past two days in my pajamas recuperating! I have done some crafty things...but nothing is complete yet, and I have done some much needed house cleaning...since I had really neglected it while getting ready for CKC.
I wanted to share the inside of the original book that won the contest-some details were modified for the final version taught at CKC.

If you were in the class I hope that you enjoyed it. All patterned papers, stickers and stamped images are from Cookbookin'

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


My new friend Pam took this wonderful picture of my finished project from Tidbits & Tassels. I was so honored when I saw that she posted it, along with many other great photos on her blog "Frippery" you should go go check it out! It was wonderful to see how different every ones finished projects were...and they all were beautiful! I still have 2 other projects that I need to photograph so I can show you...but I have had to kick it into high gear getting ready for the classes at CKC San they will have to wait a bit longer.
Thanks for stopping by....