Monday, September 27, 2010

Baking Buttons

I have a crazy obsession with buttons..I should seek therapy I know!! Ok...I was working on a swap I signed up for and had to make 20 pieces, I decided to use a button on each piece...and didn't want to part with 20 of my precious buttons. My solution was to make replicas. I made a mold of a button I had using Suze Weinberg's Mold-N-Pour then I used polymer clay in the mold to make the buttons . For my first attempt they turned out pretty good, although the picture isn't great...they are on the cookie sheet just out of the oven. This is my kind of baking!
Below is how I used the buttons for the center of the flower on my completed swap pieces. I finished all 20 of these last night...a whole week before the deadline!

Thanks for stopping by....I would love to hear your comments!


  1. what an awesome idea, so many buttons, love that swap piece, very interesting.

  2. very cool buttons. you did a great job. and i know what you mean about giving away your buttons. can you say hoarder?
    love it.
    laura huffman

  3. Very, very clever!


  4. I LOVE your buttons! I'm so glad I'm in the same swap with you! Can't wait to get my very own "Lisa" creation! :}

  5. A whole week BEFORE it was due?
    I'm late on my current swap (& I'm NEVER late) so that means instead of going to Round Top tomorrow, you have to come help me finish my swap! hahahaa
    Those buttons are fabulous!
    I'm not a baker so I can't imagine The Man watching me bake buttons. He'll send me away. Seriously.
    Love it girl!

  6. ok, glad I looked! Beautiful! I couldn't just stop at those buttons~ I want to make buttons!