Monday, March 23, 2009

Blossoms for Mothers Day

Ok, Maybe you all are getting tired of seeing so many
posts with flower cards....but I just can't help myself!
With spring in the air, I see flowers blooming everywhere
and I just love them, so I have been very inspired.
These little flowers are created with the pear punch (I did
2 sizes -med & small) Punched out of cardstock. I stamped
the background leaves and vines, and added some yellow
background flowers. Then glued the flowers in place.
Leaves are stamped, then cut out & shaped, then glued
in place to fill in where needed.

I plan to do more of these in more colors. I think these
would be great for "Get Well" "Sympathy" and many
other occasions.
For anyone in the South/Central TX area, I will be
teaching a class on making 3-D flowers in New Braunfels,
TX at Scrapbook Haus in April.

I appreciate your comments & would love to hear which
color you like best!


  1. Very very pretty! I love all the gorgeous flowers!

  2. Holy cow! YOu are the queen of cards with beautiful flowers! Every single one of them is gorgeous beyond words. I love the polka dotted one with the big ole yellow flower, and the purple rose? Amazing! Honestly you are rocking these flower cards, just keep on going! How could one get tired of them!!

  3. I love them both they R simply gorgeous!!

  4. You are really rocking with that cool punch. Such beautiful flowers and cards, Lisa!

  5. These are gorgeous! I would never get tired of your flower cards -- that's why I'm here!! :)

  6. These are really beautiful!

  7. Keep them coming! I'm a flower girl, for sure...and your flowers are beautiful!!! My favorite is the last one, they're so pretty in pink!

  8. Keep them coming :), these are gorgeous, and I like the yellow better. What punches did you use?

  9. Please no more Flowers... Joking, These cards are beautiful, keep the good work.

  10. These flowers are gorgeous and as I am a flower fanatic, keep them coming!! I really like both colors - just perfect for Mother's Day cards.

  11. Gorgeous flowers. What a huge imapct they make. Perfect in many colors and for many occasions.

  12. Wow, I hope you never stop posting flowers! Do you know when your class will be in New Braunfels yet? I'm really enjoying your blog.

  13. These are gorgeous! I LOVE these cards. The flowers are so precious!

  14. WOW, Lisa, these flowers are all just so beautiful! I have been scrolling through your cards and all the flowers& cards are just stunning! All I can say is WOW! I love them all and so much time and love into them!! Just so pretty!

  15. These are gorgeous!!! Wish I lived in texas to take your class. I have alot of these punches but have never gotten around to making any. Maybe with your inspiration I will try.