Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mosaic Collage Art

This is one of the first pieces in a very long time that has made me feel like I made real Art! I am a member of the San Antonio Calligraphy Guild (which is so much more than just calligraphy) and in our "mini class" for March we made these mosaic collages.
The squares were punched from scrapbook papers and are one inch by one inch, then adhered to the base (a thick watercolor paper that was pre-gridded) I painted gesso...really thick for texture... in all the area between the squares., then let it dry overnight. The next day I painted it with gold acrylic paint, then smudged with black ink using a sponge. Then I stamped vintage text with black ink...I masked the squares off, so the stamping was just on the gold.
I had a black mat cut to fit the piece, and framed it in a simple black metal frame. When I tried to photograph the framed piece...the glass kept reflecting the flash...but here is another pic that shows the texture.
Hope you are making some art!!!


  1. What an awesome creation. I love it.

  2. Hey love the texture! Great job~

  3. you did a wonderful job. love it in person. jennnie

  4. Hello! - About Mosaic Collage Art -

    Very nice work on collages.

    Beautiful things I can only show with music...!

    Sucess and Peace