Friday, March 9, 2012

"Wide open spaces"

 Life has been a bit busy lately....and I am counting down the days until the Spring Antiques show in Warrenton & Round Top, TX.  Im looking so forward  to getting  out of the city, and out to, as the Dixie Chick's say, "wide open spaces".  It makes me smile to just think about it!
 Last spring we stopped and took these pictures on the way....the Bluebonnets were just beautiful!

I have been doing a lot of spring cleaning, and my reward will be shopping the fields, and tents of Warrenton and Round Top. I am already dreaming of the treasures I will find!
Thanks for stopping by!
Lisa Phillippi


  1. Beautiful photos Lisa. I love the country.

  2. those are gorgeous flowers, couldn't you just get lost in that field!

  3. I hope we see bluebonnets on the way there this year! I'm counting down the days too!