Sunday, November 11, 2012

All my work paid off at the Barn Sale!

The Barn Sale was a great success for me....These are all pictures I took at my booth just after setting up.  It made me so proud and happy that so many people wanted to buy my handmade goods. The lace cuffs were a hot item!  Some of everything sold...from baby shoe pin cushions to wall hangings ...and everything in between...I have even gotten 2 custom orders from customers as well!
 Composition notebook journals...
 Journals and photo albums, and handmade note cards
 Needle books
 Tote bags and purses
 Clutch purses or wallets
I still have a few things left, that are for sale...and I'm thinking of opening an Etsy shop....any thoughts or comments???
I appreciate you stopping by and look forward to hearing from you!!
Lisa Phillippi


  1. I loved your booth, Lisa and I love my purse! I'd say go for it w/ an Etsy shop. Elaine and I have been saying we're going to "open" one for over 2 years, but we still have good intentions to do so. I think your beautiful pieces would do very well.

  2. Hey there hope everything is well with you, sorry I haven't been around and my blog content has changed. I love love love those cards and journals. I may need to order some stuff from you when I get some money ahead xoxo

  3. Yippee Skippie! Work it girl!!!

  4. Such beautiful work and so happy for your success. My little group was unable to attend and we were so bummed about it. Hopefully next year.
    Thanksgiving Blessings ;-)

  5. Wow Lisa, your fabric work is fabulous! Found you through pinterest and new follower :)

    hugs and happy week,

  6. Lisa, your work is wonderful, beautiful. You asked about Etsy. My comment would be there are thousands upon thousands of items for sale on Etsy. I think this site is a wonderful thing. Why couldn't you take orders via email and just don't ship until you get the check? I bet you could build up quite a client base that way. I see things I would purchase - but I never go to Etsy anymore. Deborah