Thursday, October 22, 2015

Handmade Jewlwery anyone out there?  I'm not sure I even remember how to post to this blog it's been so long...and so much has happened...but I won't even try to catch up on it all. Right now I am gearing up to be a vendor at the Barn Sale in Gonzales, TX- November 6th and 7th...this will be my 4th or 5th year to do it ( I have lost track) I started out super small with only a 6 foot table...yea, that was my whole table!  Now I completely fill a 10foot by 10 foot booth...and really I should have gone bigger this year.  I have been making jewelry and other handmade items to fill my space!
 I love looking at Pinterest for ideas,,,I had seen some similar to the ones above...but I made these three today! I make a huge mess when I'm creating...but I cleaned off a spot to snap this picture!
 These necklaces were some I had in my booth last year...It's hard to part with them...but they went to good homes!

Finally...this is a close up of a necklace I finished ,,,and will be going to the barn sale to hopefully find a new home...but if not...I will be happy to keep this one!

Thanks for stopping by,
Lisa Phillippi


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