Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Valentines

Can you believe Valentines Day is almost here? I made this to give away as a door prize at my class tonight. (I made the rose from coffee filters) I had so many Valentine projects I wanted to make, but it looks like I have ran out of it goes I guess.
I seem to have about 4 different projects going at any given time....I was going to try to get at least one of these projects finished this weekend....however I am taking classes all day on Sat & it probably won't happen. Here is one of the projects that is Not Finished....but you can get the idea.I hope you all have a wonder full Valentines Weekend!


  1. you working to hard girl, but man that rose is breathtaking!!! it looks so real.

  2. No I can not believe it is almost here..time is flying. This rose is gorgeous.

  3. This heart is awsome.what material do you use to make it lisa?