Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tidbits & Tassels

About a year ago I stumbled on to some wonderful blogs and found out about "art retreats" that take place all over the country....Silver Bella , The Paper Cowgirl , Artistic Affaire , Petticoats & Parasols are a just few. I dreamed and wished about attending one of these wonderful events ....but I was intimidated...not to mention there is never enough time and money...know what I mean? Then I found Chantal Johnson's blog Wishblooms and saw that she was going to be hostessing Tidbits & Tassels....it was in driving distance, it was affordable and I have family nearby so I wouldn't need a hotel...it was Perfect! So I made plans to attend....I was going to step outside my comfort zone and go all by myself....but at the last minute I convinced my friend Yuki to go with me...and I am so glad she did because we had a blast! Chantal's home was beautiful....there were pretty things she has made everywhere you look...and her studio is Unbelievable! We had awesome projects, and great food...but the very best part was meeting the other talented ladies who I now can call my friends! I was encouraged by Jodie of Everything Vintage (one of my most favorite blogs) to share my story here on my blog...because I had explained to her that it seems that whenever I sit down to do a post...I go blank! So I hope that you can understand that I am not used to writing much....but I hope to get better at it. Anyway...I am sooo glad I went ...I am so inspired! I will share pictures of the projects I made while I was there sometime soon.
Oh ...and there is a new retreat coming up in October that will be in Abilene, Tx called High Cotton .....anyone wanna go???


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by. I'm more than a little jealous that you got to play with Jodie, Sarah and Pam. I absolutely adore that trio of ladies! Good for you...in fact, double good for you. You stepped out of the boat twice...once for going and once for posting! You rock!
    P.S. I gotta warn ya...just as soon as I figure out how to upload a video to my blog, I'm stealing, I mean borrowing the one of your daughter. More should hear her message.

  2. How cool! I'd go to High Cotton, but it's a little far for me. And I totally hear you on the cost, there have been some I've had to pass on in Chicago, which is the closest to me, because of the cost. When you can stay with someone, sure does save a lot! You're doing fine blogging, I love seeing what you create.

  3. Hey My Lisa!!!!
    Yay! I did a word count girl and I must say...you done good! hahahaha
    Seriously...wasn't last weekend fun? Gosh, I'm still thinking of all the fun things we did and said. It just passed so quickly!
    I've still never opened my goodie bags yet. I want to savor the moment...I'm sure you know that! haha
    I wish I could go to Abilene with you but that's on the wrong side of Texas for me :(
    If you go...have fun and of course you better tell us ALL about it.
    That photo is awesome above...
    Aren't we such a BEAUTIFUL group of ladies???
    tee hee!!!!

  4. We'll count me in! Love to go, and I can't wait to see your postings of the cool stuff you made.
    I will say that I'm just a little jealous, your goodie bags had some truly cool stuff. LOL.

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun. My first two children were born in Abilene. We were stationed there.
    I loved your daughter's song...the words are awesome and she is so pretty, what gorgeous hair. Came over from Debbie York's blog.