Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wishing Well Watercolor

This is yes another stamp by Art Impressions
They are made for watercoloring. You see the basic image;
then next the outlines are softened by going over them with just the slighest bit of water on on your liner painbrush. Then start to fill in the roof & base of the well.
Wash in green to create a horizon line then wash in a sky
(I use wet on wet) Then when green wash is dry go back and stamp in grass using tiny grass stamp & fill in vines using small vine stamp. Flowers are added using tiny flower stamps. Last go over the grass, vines & flowers again with tiny amount of water on your brush. Of course you can add stickles or flower soft to grass & flowers if desired. I have used the flower soft & it looks great but I cant seem to get it to photograph clear enough to show yet.

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