Thursday, February 3, 2011

Small Altered Journal

I buy things on impulse with the intention of altering them...or making something with them...I get all these ideas....but most of the time, these items I buy just sit in a box or a bin...and sadly...they never get made! Well ....Ta-Da! One of my impulse buys actually got made!
This is a small journal book that I purchased for $1.00 and simply covered and decorated the cover. What a nice gift this will make! So, 1 down....about 50 other impulse buys to go! I am trying to not buy anything else till I get these things I already have finished.....hmm how long do ya think that will last???
So many new things being released at CHA.... I saw this video on "Smash Journals" click HERE to see...very cool!
Thanks So much for stopping by.....I love hearing from Ya!


  1. I do the same thing! Boxes full to overflowing with good intentions. You did a great job on this one.

  2. This is GORGEOUS, Lisa! Love that flower!

  3. oh love the first one! you have been so busy! Hope you get snow day to make more!

  4. This is gorgeous Lisa, I just love the colors, and love that flower.

  5. muito lindo!Preto e branco, chique e interessante!

  6. It is beautiful! I am just like you. I do a lot of impulse buying and then it sits. But one day, I hope to make those items before I die. LOL.
    Thanks for sharing Lisa.