Monday, October 10, 2011

Beautiful Treasures from Marberger Farms

At the Marberger Farms Antiques show there are beautiful treasures everywhere you look! There are several huge tents and buildings to walk through, and hundreds of vendors with treasures of every kind!
It can be overwhelming, especially if it's your first time to go....and it was my first time!
It's a good thing I took lot's of pictures...because you can easily forget things you saw...when there is so much to see!
Many things were out of my price range, and simply wouldn't fit in my car....but I can dream!
So much cool little time!
I did manage to find lace in my price range...and I bought a lot a lot!
I hope you make plans to go in the is totally worth the trip!

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  1. LUCKY!!!! I miss you! We have had a terrible time lately. My husband was injured in an ATV accident this summer and has had several surgeries and about 5 more months of no weight bearing on his broken knee/leg. NO FUN!!! Your pics are fabulous and make me want to plan for Spring:) Love, Jamie

  2. Great photos. Is that Laurie's booth? It all looks fab.