Thursday, October 6, 2011

Magnolia Pearl at Marberger

One of the highlights of my trips to Warrenton & Round Top for Antiques Week was visiting the Magnolia Pearl booth at Marberger Farms. It was my first time to see her booth and Wow....if you have never seen it...then put it on your list and mark it high priority! It's Amazing! I Love her clothes...and she had some wonderful ladies helping me shop!
If only money grew on trees....and I had an orchard full of those trees.......

I would have bought one of everything!

I did buy one at least I have started my collection.

You can shop online at Magnolia Pearl too...and start your collection.

I have so many more photo's from Warrenton & RoundTop to come soon!

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  1. Okay - here's the deal. In the spring you HAVE to come rescue me and take me along with you!!! I want to see her space SOOOOOOOOO bad!!! Your photos are GORGEOUS!!!!!

    ;-D robelyn

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