Sunday, September 20, 2009

Info & Award

Several of you have asked about the Shoe pattern-you can find it Here at Ellen Hutson's Blog. The other shoe pattern is in the Oct. issue of Scrap & Stamp art magazine, you can order a copy Here. I did have to draw part of this pattern as I could not find it in the magazine, but it has the base & instructions. I don't have a scanner to put it on the computer to share it with you.

I was given an award by Gvendalen *she is from Russia" I have to list 10 things about myself....hmmmm
1) I have a miniature dachshund (wiener dog) named Cindy
2) I lived in the Virgin Islands for about 3 years
3) I used to collect tea I have too many
4) I used to collect vintage Disney items,because I love everything Disney!
5) I Love Everything Vintage! The Victorian era to the 50's
6) I Love waterfalls-nature is so amazing!
7) I think the Internet is the most amazing invention in my lifetime!
8) I don't watch much TV, but I do love the HBO show True Blood
9) I think Im addicted to blog surfing-there are so many talented ladies out there!
10) I do all my crafts at my kitchen table since I don't have a craft room...YET!

I am passing this award on to some friends: Joanne,
Sonya(who has been sick) and Yvonne who's cards are amazing-I hope to be that good someday!

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  1. Congratulations and thanks so much, Lisa!!! You are so sweet to think of me for this.
    You know I love your work, you will always be a part of my blog buddy list!
    Have a great weekend and thanks again,